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Patrons-only post over on the patreon includes the poem draft that I wrote at 2 am this morning, when I should have been sleeping.

Also, some notes on my Christmas cactus, which is blooming now, so [ profile] tanaise says it's an Epiphany cactus, and hey, every once in a while, we all need an epiphany.

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Library Journal review of Range of Ghosts. I think they liked it!

After the death of Mongke Khagan, the heirs to the Khaganate of the steppes went to war. Defeated by his cousin, the rightful heir Temur flees, joining a caravan of refugees headed toward mountains known as the Range of Ghosts. Adopted into the Tsareg tribe, Temur plans revenge while avoiding sorcerous attempts on his own life. When his path crosses that of the wizard Samarkar, a former princess who seeks her independence, Temur realizes that they can help each other-and perhaps save the world from dark forces that could tear it apart. Bear, winner of the 2005 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, a 2006 Locus Award for Hammered, and two Hugo Awards for short fiction, creates a vivid, multicultural world reminiscent of Eurasia during the 12th and 13th centuries, after the death of Genghis Khan dissolved an empire that included the Mongols, Tatars, and Chinese. Her characters possess depth of feeling as well as political acumen, bringing a personal element to a broad-scale epic fantasy.

VERDICT Fans of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series should welcome this gracefully told tale of war, political intrigue, and personal drama. Highly recommended.

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I've done a First Book Friday post for [ profile] jimhines, and you can read it here. It's all about Jenny Casey...

Also, naps are plentiful, naps are cheap. This makes them the opposite of guineas. Unfortunately, they are not so useful as guineas.
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What did I publish in 2010? Well, not a lot, actually, what with The Sea thy Mistress and The White City being pushed back to this year, and "The Horrid Glory of its Wings" being technically a 2009 release and "Dolly" being technically 2011. (Also, The Naked City and Blood and Other Cravings, two anthologies edited by La Datlow, are lsated for 2011 release.)

Amazing for the sheer amount of work I did last year. Well, there will be a lot of publications in 2011, I guess. I hope you're ready for it.

I need more time to write short fiction; it's piling up here, and I can't get my head wrapped around any of it. But January is slated for processing/research time, which should help. I have a short due at the end of February, so it had better help a lot.

But if you're of a mind for nominating things and you want a nominating list, here's what I published in 2010:

  • Lots of Shadow Unit, which is probably eligible for all sorts of weird catchall categories as a complete self ("Best website" and "Best semiprozine," among others. (Is there a "Best Serial" anywhere? No?) I think Emma and I probably count as editors as far as that's concerned, too.)

  • Specifically, the complete episodes that had my hand in them as writer were The Unicorn Evils, "Spell 81a," and "Uniform," which are respectively, a short novel and two novellas.

  • Chill. Science fiction novel, and don't listen to anybody who tries to tell you it's a fantasy. ;-)

  • Chicks Dig Time Lords, in which I have an essay, is eligible for best nonfiction, or best related work, or what have you.

  • Ideomancer is a semiprozine. I am one of the editors there.

  • METAtropolis: Cascadia is eligible as an anthology, I would guess, and definitely as a Dramatic Work. It's an audio-only anthology, and I think frankly this second collection is even stronger than the first.

    Also, my story, "Confessor," is eligible as a novelette.

  • Bone and Jewel Creatures is eligible as a novella. And yeah, I know, hard to find.

There was a MMPB publication of By the Mountain Bound, but the HC came out last year and is so ineligible.

I have this sense that I'm forgetting something, but it might just be my head. Remind me to keep better track next this year.

Here's what I know I have coming out in 2011, for your reference

January: "Dolly," Asimov's, short story.

January? February?: The White City, Subterranean. Trade hard cover: there's some argument as to whether this is a long novella or a short novel. Limited edition includes a chapbook of "Twilight," a novelette.

1 February: The Sea thy Mistress. Tor, trade hardcover

6 February: "Ligature," Shadow Unit novella

22 February: Grail. Spectra, mass market paperback and ebook

March: Whedonistas, an essay collection of women appreciating the work of Joss Whedon in the vein of Chicks Dig Time Lords, also edited by Lynne Thomas and Deborah Stanish. My essay is entitled, "We're here to save you."

June: "The Romance," in Supernatural Noir, a Datlow-edited anthology forthcoming from Dark Horse

5 July: Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy, anthology edited by Ellen Datlow, containing my novelette "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree."

16 August: The Tempering of Men. With Sarah Monette. Tor, trade hardcover

September: Blood and Other Cravings, anthology edited by Ellen Datlow, containing my short story "Needles."

? "The Hand is Quicker--" in a Dozois-edited Subterranean anthology I do not yet know the name of.
? "Veronique is Visiting from Paris," a multimedia niftiness with [ profile] kylecassidy that should be available sometime soonish

And here's my to-do list for 2011

The book proposal currently known as Gotham Jazz.
Modern Fae story: ("Patience & Fortitude" (or possibly otherwise The Mighty Drag Werewolf story)) March 1, 2011
Realms of Fantasy column: March 1, 2011
ad eternum  and "Underground" (New Amsterdam IV & chapbook): March 30, 2011
The Shaded King (Bone and Jewel Creatures II): April 30, 2011
Shattered Pillars: November 2, 2011
An Apprentice to Elves: December 1, 2011 (with [info]truepenny)
SF Horror story ("Form & Void"): December 25, 2011 know, all in one place, that looks so much easier than 2010 I can already feel my blood pressure dropping.

Secrit Projekt: January 11-12 2011
World Horror Convention (barcon only): April 28-May 1 2011
Leprecon 37: May 6-8 2011
KGB reading: May 18 2011
Eurocon: June 17-19 2011 (barring volcanoes)
Fourth Street Fantasy Conversation: June 23-26 2011
Odyssey: July 1, 2011
Clarion: July 10-16, 2011
Viable Paradise: October 7-16, 2011

Okay, that's a little steep.

and 2012:
Steles of the Sky : November 2012

No fixed deadline:

"Möbius Heart" (which has subsumed REZ at this point, and may take its name)
"The Deeps of the Sky" (formerly known as "Seed")
Karen Memory
(unless its name is actually Salt Water)
Unsuitable Metal
"Untitled Space Opera Thingy"
"Steel Monkey"
"Posthumous Jonson"
"The Slaughtered Lamb"
"The Death of Terrestrial Radio"
"On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera"

Right, that's my livejournal used as a post-it board. And on that note, I think I will take the dog for a walk. Which means finding some shoes and a coat.
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Making up for a lack of blogging lately today, apparently.

Item: The first instance of my new review column is live over at Realms of Fantasy. It's paranormal romance and urban fantasy, despite what the header says.

Item: there will be a fourth installment of New Amsterdam, as [ profile] arcaedia has just struck an arrangement with Subterranean Press on my behalf. Untitled so far, and watch this space.

Item: New fiction at Strange Horizons by a Viable Paradise grad, George Galuschak: "Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac."  I liked that one a lot in workshop.

Item: By the way, if you somehow missed it, I have a twitter feed over here.
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And the word is that Bone and Jewel Creatures is at the printer and will be shipping next month.

It's a fairly short run, and as far as I know there are no plans to reprint and I dunno what brick and mortar distribution is going to be like, so you might want to pre-order here.
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This is one heck of a cover. And I'm on it.

(Hey, it's release day!)

Also, today is the first day in which you can pre-order Chicks Dig Time Lords, a nifty book of essays on women and Doctor Who fandom, which I happen to be in along with Cat Valente and various others
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And me without a vampire icon.

Charming gentlemen with the manners of a prior age. Savage killing machines who surge screaming from hidden vaults. Cute little girls frozen forever in slender bodies. Long-buried loved ones who scratch at the door, begging to be let in. Nowhere is safe, not mist-shrouded Transylvania or the Italian Riviera or even a sleepy town in Maine. This is a hidden world, an eternal world, where nothing is forbidden--as long as you're willing to pay the price.
Today is launch day for [ profile] johnjosephadams's anthology By Blood We Live, which includes fabulous stories by fabulous writers, and also something by me. ("House of the Rising Sun," in which a long-dead musician takes a stroll through San Diego.)
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Hey! I have publication dates! Lots and lots and LOTS of publication dates.

As you know, Bob, the mass market paperback of Ink & Steel has been available since June 2nd. Meanwhile, the second half of the duology, Hell & Earth, will be available in mmpb on December 1. (The trade, of course, is available now.)

Also, the mmpb of All the Windwracked Stars is available September 1 (it's currently out in hardcover), and the hardcover of the prequel, By the Mountain Bound, will be out October 27th.

And last but not least, there's a publication date on Chill! Street date on the mmpb is December 29th. The old cover art has been redacted, and I am informed that there will soon be shiny! new! cover art. (Which I have not yet seen.)

...yeah, that's probably enough for one year.
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Whoosh. I think time spent at the gym this morning entitles the meat to anything it wants for the rest of the day. We were brave and virtuous. Also, I love the Friday morning yoga class. Even if the heater in the hot tub is currently broken.

Through the magic of the freelance writer's ability to find money in crevices, it looks like I will be able to pull off this moving thing without selling blood. Do look forward to the end-of-January booksale, however, as I really don't want to move any more of these damned things than necessary. Also, I need to buy two more bookcases.

And now, some self-pimpation.

Item the first: Interview with me at Dragonpage, mostly about All the Windwracked Stars.

Item the second: Now the deal is closed and It Can Be Told (and Scalzi and Jay have already blogged this, so I'm assuming most of you already know): Print version of Metatropolis from Subterranean Press. There's a limited edition, also, which is bound to sell out fast. Order page here....

And, completing my catchup of Criminal Minds-related activities, my review of 4x11, "Normal," is up at 

Now, I have to drink a beer and work on the harpy story and figure out how the heck I'm going to eat as many calories as I need to eat today. Because yes, I really did work out that much.

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Still more self-pimp! It's the day for it.

Jeff VanderMeer has written to indicate that the laydown date for his-and-Anne's shiny, shiny pirate anthology from Night Shade Books, Fast Ships, Black Sails--of which [ profile] truepenny and I are a part, as are [ profile] naominovik, Garth Nix, Howard Waldrop, and a Host Of Others--as been moved up to November 1.

Which means in practical terms that the book will be in stores a month earlier than we all anticipated.

Also, the cover art is purty.

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Narcissisim tango linky:

SF Signal Mind Meld: Q: As non-genre readers become more comfortable with science fictional ideas, where do you see science fiction, in written form, going in the future? With Jeff VanderMeer, Liz Williams, Allen Steele, Mark Newton, Jay Lake, Paul Di Filippo, Sean Williams, Lou Anders, Chris Roberson, Dot Lin, Alexis Glynn Latner, and me.

Also, I will be signing books at Pandemonium Books in Boston at 7 pm on November 7th. Which also means, Boston Peeps, that I will be in town that day and the 8th....
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Link salad:

[ profile] rezendi went to Ciudad Perdida and all he brought back was these amazing photographs.

METAtropolis is out.

John Scalzi has all the reasons you might find it, you know, cool.

I personally like reason #3:

3. Because this collection of stories — of a future in which economic and environmental declines have changed the very nature of what cities are – has a topic which is excruciatingly perfect for the moment, don’t you think? I mean, hey: Economic turmoil, countries on the brink, Iceland selling its children for cash on the barrelhead to buy Purina Viking Chow — who could have predicted? Well, we could have. We did. It’s all right here. And you ask, well, if you predicted it, why didn’t you do anything about it? Well, you know. We’re writers. What are we going to do, prop up the global economy with the change in our pockets? Hey, we need that for the Styrofoam vat of cheap convenience store coffee we use to make it through the day. And anyway, we did do something. We wrote these stories. Everything you need to know to survive the next, oh, 70 years is in this audio anthology. And if it’s not, at the end of those 70 years, you come see me and I’ll personally give you a refund. You’re welcome.
Yes, it really is that timely!

And also, since we're being self-serving today, some reviews for All the Windwracked Stars are up on its web page,  courtesy of the Web Ghoul.
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1302, and I am calling it a day. I'm at the climax, and I am, alas, also at a point where apparently I need to stop and think about how the conflicts I've established play off against one another. Frustrating, because I really have one scene and the denouement to write, and at this point in time all I want is to write that last two thousand words and have done with the story. But six pages is a respectable count for a day, and sometimes wisdom is knowing when to back off and let your brain work for a bit, rather than forcing yourself to write something you're just going to have to tear out later.

Also, the alleged stort story has turned itself into a novelette. *Sigh.* It's at 8100 words and bound to get a bit longer. I hope Bill's not too mad at me.

The deadline pressure is starting to mount up on me again, even though I'm making progress. I keep thinking about those looming novels.

In other news, the audio-anthology METAtropolis is currently available for pre-order, which means the list of readers is also out. Here's the ToC:

1. “In the Forests of the Night” by Jay Lake, read by Michael Hogan (Col. Tigh on BSG)

2. “Stochasti-city” by Tobias Buckell, read by Scott Brick (2008 Audie Award winner, for Dune)

3. “The Red in the Sky is Our Blood” by Elizabeth Bear, read by Kandyse McClure ( Anastasia “Dee” Dualla on BSG)

4. “Utere Nihil Non Extra Quiritationem Suis” by John Scalzi, read by Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Felix Gaeta on BSG)

5. “To Hie From Far Cilenia” by Karl Schroeder, read by Stefan Rudnicki (reader of the Ender’s Game series)

Pretty cool, huh? I'm very geeked by Audible's choice to use Ms. McClure, who is a perfect choice for my novella.

The anthology will be released on the 21st, and if you pre-order now through Audible, they will give you Jay's story as a teaser.

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Launch day!

It's a great day to buy a book. Or, you know, two.

It's publication day for Hell & Earth, which is of course the second half of the duology started in Ink & Steel. These are books 3 & 4 in the Promethean Age not-a-series, but in keeping with the theme of that series, they stand alone, and may be read alone. (And, actually, they happen four-hundred-odd years before the other two books, because I still suck at linear.)


(You can read about them here.)

(And click the thumbnails for bigger cover art. Yes, the Mebd is quite smug that she finally got a book cover.)

Publishers Weekly says, in part:

...Campbell-winner Bear proves again that she can fill a stage as well as any Elizabethan playwright, entwining tragedies of betrayal and blood-soaked revenge with country pastoral and domestic comedy.

Come on, doesn't that sound like fun? May I add: enchantments vile and beauteous, swordfights, bear-baiting, pratfalls, romance, espionage, durance vile, and sexy people in beautiful clothes! Blood, love, and rhetoric! Extremely dirty puns!

Also, a very snarky former angel with a complicated agenda.


55 miles to Lothlorien. This is harder without the wizard.
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The first part of my story "Shoggoths in Bloom," the entirety of which is available in the March Asimov's, is online for your perusal.
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Okay, this morning, I finished a hopefully better draft of "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," and sent it to readers. We'll see what still doesn't work. I also made myself spaghetti squash and lamb chops for lunch (mmm) and washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen and swept the floor, which was getting a little desperate.

Now I'm going to go practice guitar until The Jeff and [ profile] ashacat get here, so we can drive up to Northampton for Chris Smither at the Iron Horse, since the Nor'easter is forecast to hold off long enough that we don't have to cancel the trip.

In the meantime, here's something to read: a nice note on the official Amazon blog concerning Dust, which is not something I've ever gotten before.

Ooo. It says this blog is controversial. Better run right out and start a fight.

The previous blog entry over there provides a link to this lovely article: The Jonathan Lethem New York Diet, which made me laugh and laugh.

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, other than getting snowed in. I don't think I'm ready to start work on revising "Overkill" yet. Maybe if I am good, I can get some work done on "Your Collar" or "Smile," or something on Bone & Jewel Creatures. Also, I might try to finish reading Carmen Dog and start Wicked Lovely or Playing in the Dark.

Oh, and Chaz wants me to make bread pudding. And I want to make steam buns. Mung bean paste, I think.

That sounds like a pretty good Sunday at home, doesn't it?
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Because it's going around, the "What I published in 2007" meme:

Short fiction:


New Amsterdam, Subterranean Press, May 2007
Whiskey & Water, Roc, July 2007
Undertow, Bantam Spectra, August 2007
A Companion to Wolves, Tor, October 2007 (with [ profile] truepenny)

Things I did this year:

Long fiction:

Wrote and revised Dust
Rewrote All the Windwracked Stars
Revised Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth
Wrote and revised Refining Fire (with [ profile] coffeeem)

Short Fiction:

"Boojum" (with [ profile] truepenny)
"The Girl Who Sang Madder Rose"
"Shoggoths in Bloom"
"Black in the Color"
"Annie Webber"
"King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree"
"Knock on Coffins"

Plus some nonfiction--columns and essays. And this blog. And about 30,000 words of fanfiction. Ahem.

Only counting fiction, my output was around 300,000 words. Which is about half of my best year ever.

I have slowed down. A lot.

Things I still need to do this year:

Revise "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree"
Revise "Overkill"
Write Bone & Jewel Creatures, or at least start it
Write a short story for Baen's Universe, if possible
Write a short story for Subterranean, if possible

Things I need to do early next year:

Revise By the Mountain Bound
Write Chill
Write Wehrwolf
Write the Boojumverse thing with [ profile] truepenny

Things I need to do by the middle of next year:

Write "Wind-Up Boogeyman"
Write "Smoke and Mirrors"
Write a short story for Doselle

Things to do by the end of next year:

Rewrite The Sea Thy Mistress
Revise One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King
Revise Chill

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