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Also, I usually really like Virgil Williams' work, but I am dissapoint that )

This season is not standing out for me, so far. The gore level seems to be higher, and the humaneness/agency seems to be lacking.

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This year's season of Criminal Minds seems to be off to a promising start. I really enjoyed this week's episode (I loved Morgan's general contractor knowledge showing up), and while I thought last week's was strongly constructed in general (with a bunch of good character moments--Rossi and Reid, in particular) I have to admit, it's the first one to actually squick me since "Legacy." I was behind the couch.

Sorry I'm not blogging it this year, but... no time, no time. I'm impressed that any TV show is still watchable eight years in, however.
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Anything else I had to say about the Criminal Minds season finale is subsumed in ZOMG Reid knitted it himself!

He makes a pretty good Four.

Also, I'm glad they did the Emily thing the way they did the Emily thing; it's good to see Will but he should have known better; I'm pretty sure that UNSUB plan fails on usual the Evil Mastermind overclever subroutine of relying on a coincidence they could not have known about in advance; I bet that's Kevin's cousin; Penelope needs a Stern Talking To of the variety she just gave Morgan a few weeks back; I'm still the only person in this fandom who likes Strauss, but dammit I still like Strauss; and FASTER JJ KILL KILL!

Discussion in comments of parallels between JJ in Hit/Run and Hotch in 100 is open for business.
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So I'm finally catching up on the last three episodes of Criminal Minds. And damn, I really like "The Company."
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...a little transparent indictment of Republican race-baiting. I thought that was a very savvy episode. Predictably.

Also, Morgan & Prentiss & JJ for the win. Especially after a particularly nice little narrative fakeout as to where the action would be.

Show, you're still my show. Even though I know I don't express it at length as often as I used to.

(The writer on that ep was Virgil Williams. I will be keeping an eye out for him.)

The size of your honor guard determines your status in Hell. )
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This week's Criminal Minds, in nearly spoiler-free vaguery:

Anybody else wonder what the hell was up with JJ's obvious emotional reaction to the infidelity talk?

In other news, so much love for Jennifer Jareau going all Buffy Summers on the UNSUB, and for Spencer fussing over her afterwards. Role reversal much?

And soon, soon, off to Boskone. I should have some good news soon.
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That episode was total freaking fan service.

And it made me so bloody happy.

I am a simple creature.
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maybe a few actual spoilers for last night's Criminal Minds. )
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It's not that I'm not enjoying this season of Criminal Minds. It's just that I have no processing cycles that are not spoken for with which to do reviews.

The comments are all yours, though. Call it an open CM thread.
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Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 7x07, "There's No Place Like Home," written by Virgil Williams, directed by Rob Spera.

He's putting one together.  )
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I am going to have to admit that I am declaring Criminal Minds bankruptcy. I have a book due in two months, and I'm still not recovered from the insanity that has been my lot since... um. It's been like two years of nonstop go, hasn't it?

Anyway. Please feel free to use this space to discuss the episodes I missed commenting on, and tonight's episode, which is sadly also likely to miss exegesis. I'm sorry and I will try to do better next week.

Love, Bear.

In better news, I just got a huge pile of author copies! 
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being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds  07x02, "Proof," written by Janine Sherman Barrois, directed by Karen Gaviola.

NB: the next two weeks' commentary will be delayed due to VP, moving, romantic entanglements, and so forth.

Ooo, Reid's pissed. )
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I suspect this year my reactions to That Show I Like are going to be turning up on Thursdays, due to Wednesday nights being left to climbing and so on.

Please bear with us.

being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 07x01, "It Takes a Village," written by (new showrunner) Erica Messer, directed by Glenn Kershaw

It feels weird not sharing.  )

My show. It's back.

The size of your honor guard determines your status in Hell. )
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Being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06 x 24, "Supply & Demand," written by Erica Messer, directed by Charles S. Caroll

Today we're ruining the Rolling Stones. Oh, wait, they were already full of violent imagery. Nevermind then.

Human trafficking is a growth industry and I've got half the agents I had last year.  )

The size of your honor guard determines your status in Hell )

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Being a review of Criminal Minds 6x23, "Big Sea," written by Breen Frazier and Jim Clemente, directed by Glenn Kershaw

Disarticulation is a mess. )

The last fifteen minutes of this episode makes up for the handwaving at the beginning, I think.
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being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 06x22, "Out of the Light," written by Roger Hedden, directed by Douglas Aarniokoski.

I told you not to lie.  )

The size of your honor guard determines your status in hell. )
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being a review, after a fashion, of Criminal Minds 06x21, "The Stranger." Written by Kimberly Ann Harrison and Rick Dunkle, directed by Nelson McCormick.

Speaking of horror....  )

Ed, we're gonna miss you, man. Minor complaints aside, this too was My Show.

the size of your honor guard determines your status in hell )

Maybe I should start keeping track of injuries to the team... nah, too much work.
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Being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds 06x20, "Hanley Waters," written by Randy Huggins and Alicia Kirk, directed by Jesse Warn

Unless she's in serious denial, then she's been burying her feelings, which would have just made her worse and worse.  )

I love these characters. And that was totally My Show. They appear to be on a roll.
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being a review (of sorts) of Criminal Minds 06x19, "With Friends Like These..." written by Janine Sherman Barrios, directed by Anna Foerster

We ever lied to you, Ben?  )

Aw, show. And you were doing so well, too.

Alas, we snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory. Well, if you don't watch anything past Morgan's closing quote, it's really a pretty good episode.

If only it had had an extra minute thirty of commercials.
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Well, I dunno how I'm supposed to manage an impartial review after that. Aww, you guys. *sniffle*

Ahem. ...being a review of sorts of Criminal Minds 6x18, "Lauren," written by Breen Frazier, directed by Matthew Gray Gubler.

We Are Coming )

They pulled it off.
Oh, Show. CBS hands you piles of shit, and you make the flowers grow.

*(The quote, for everybody who asked, was "The secret to lying is to believe with all your heart. That goes for lying to yourself even more than lying to another."

Which is the second and third lines of Seven for a Secret.)

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