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What writers get up to when we're supposed to be encouraging each other to work...

[ profile] stillsostrange: Can I still say "sullen red light" or is that overused?
[ profile] fadethecat: It doesn’t strike me as cliche.
[ profile] fadethecat: Though it might depend on context.
[ profile] matociquala: It might be overused.
[ profile] matociquala: Why is the light always sullen?
[ profile] stillsostrange: Alternative?
[ profile] matociquala: Why never morose?
[ profile] stillsostrange: Heh
[ profile] stillsostrange: Because it's grumpy.
[ profile] fadethecat: Grouchy?
[ profile] fadethecat: It could be a grumpy red light.
[ profile] fadethecat: That would not seem cliche at all.
[ profile] fadethecat: Misanthropic red light.
[ profile] matociquala: A hangry red light
[ profile] fadethecat: I would fear the hangry red light.
[ profile] matociquala: We all would.
[ profile] stillsostrange: heeee
[ profile] matociquala: Crabby red light. Put-upon orange light
[ profile] stillsostrange: ARGH
[ profile] fadethecat: Contumacious purple light.
[ profile] stillsostrange: Oh. The light could be purple.
[ profile] stillsostrange: But then it can't be bruised.
[ profile] matociquala: welted?
[ profile] stillsostrange: Inflamed?
[ profile] matociquala: a purple and red light suffering from cellulitis and blood poisoning.
[ profile] stillsostrange: No wonder it's sullen.
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In which [ profile] hawkwing_lb, [ profile] fadethecat, [ profile] stillsostrange, and I talk about Hobbit Monopoly.

This is the same conversation where we found ourselves quailing before the inevitability of Bilbo/Smaug, given the actors involved.
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[18:43] [ profile] matociquala: I'm not afraid of animals.
[18:43] [ profile] matociquala: Just abandonment.
[18:43] [ profile] matociquala: This explains ALL of my books.
[18:44] [ profile] leahbobet: Bear, that was almost a Softer World comic.
[18:44] [ profile] fadethecat: It just needs a photograph and a mouse hover-tag!
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Why authors have no interest in stealing your ideas, part six thousand.

So there's this writer chat I hang out with--basically an online writer's group--where we basically try to be a good influence on each other. And a virtual water cooler, an d a "Hey, how do I...?"

Conversation that took place ten seconds ago:

[14:54] [ profile] stillsostrange: I need a word to describe the way a ghost glows
[14:54] [ profile] stillsostrange: spectral and preternatural have been used close by.
[14:56] [ profile] beatriceeagle: Eerie.
[14:58] [ profile] matociquala: fungal
[14:59] [ profile] matociquala:
[14:59] [ profile] beatriceeagle: Bioluminescence, yay!
[15:00] [ profile] matociquala: or necroluminescence in this case
[15:01] [ profile] beatriceeagle: Someone should really write a story about the biology of ghosts' glows.
[15:01] [ profile] matociquala: I nominate you.

The truth is that anybody who is qualified to write a publishable story has, well... years of experience in generating ideas. We have more damned ideas than we know what to do with. The problem is finding time and energy and creativity to write them all.

Ideas are the easy part.

And even if Bea and Amanda and I all decided to write that story... they would, all three, be unbelievably different. Because we're different people, that's why.

(Oh sure, sometimes you'll see writers sitting around a table in a bar, and somebody will toss out a brilliant idea, and somebody else will say, "Can I steal that?!" And usually? The person who produced the idea will shrug and say "Yes." Because we know the truth: ideas are cheap. Execution, now that's expensive.)
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[12:47] [ profile] matociquala: UK/British Isles addresses: too freaking long for American forms.
[12:47] [ profile] matociquala: *Shares turkey noodle soup*
[12:48] [ profile] matociquala: I will have to make this for you this summer.
[12:48] [ profile] matociquala: it came out awesomesocks.
[12:48] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I suppose it comes of accreting all those historical placenames. :-P
[12:48] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: ooo, soup.
[12:48] [ profile] matociquala: Fr Serious.
[12:48] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: *will not say no to awesomesocks *
[12:49] [ profile] matociquala: and it takes 20 minutes
[12:49] [ profile] matociquala: And is cheap
[12:49] [ profile] matociquala: I should just post what passes for the recipe.
[12:49] [ profile] matociquala: But seriously: a house name, a street name, a town, a shire, sometimes a river, a country, and THEN A NATION?
[12:49] [ profile] matociquala: YOU PEOPLE.
[12:49] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Hey.
[12:49] [ profile] matociquala: Put a postal code on it and be done.
[12:50] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Sometimes there is a bridge and a postcode, too.
[12:52] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I once lived in a house with a name, a number, a road, a bridge, a town, and a county. And the road was named for the beach.
[12:52] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I suspect if there'd been a convenient stream, it would have gone on there too - sadly, the local hill was already taken.
[12:52] [ profile] matociquala: At least we always know where to find you.

As promised: redneck turkey soup deliciousness.

Take a quart of chicken or turkey broth (chicken is actually better, I think) and simmer it with some mushroom stems, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, and garlic until the smell drives you mad.

Come back. Get some ground turkey (or chicken) and crumble it up and sautee it. You can sautee the mushrooms in here too if you didn't already use them for something else.

Deglaze the sautee pan with some of the broth. Strain the bits out of the remaining broth. Return all of this to the soup pan.

Add frozen green peas and your favorite egg noodles (wide ones are better) in quantity such as to make a hearty meal. Simmer until the peas and noodles are tender.

Eat with much smacking of teeth.
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[23:35] [ profile] kafkonia: Somebody just said about the new Conan, "He looks the part, but can he act?"
[23:35] [ profile] kafkonia: Um.... it's Conan.
[23:35] [ profile] kafkonia: In fact, if he can act, he might not be believable.
[23:35] [ profile] matociquala: he has such a great theatrical onus of history upon him, after all
[23:36] [ profile] matociquala: The Bogey Conan. The Olivier Conan.
[23:36] [ profile] matociquala: Berhardt's breeches part
[23:37] [ profile] kafkonia: Don't forget his classic soliloquy, "What is best in life? To be, or not to be?"
[23:38] [ profile] matociquala: Is it worth having a glass of wine now?
[23:38] [ profile] kafkonia: I think it is, in honour of Shakespeare's Conan.
[23:39] [ profile] kafkonia: And Dostoevsky's groundbreaking "Conan the Idiot".
[23:39] [ profile] tanaise: Have you touched on Kafka's yet?
[23:39] [ profile] kafkonia: The Cimerian colony?
[23:39] [ profile] tanaise: about the guy who goes to sleep and wakes up as conan
[23:39] [ profile] kafkonia: Oh, that one.
[23:40] [ profile] kafkonia: And let's not forget Kromm Here to Eternity.
[23:41] [ profile] stillsostrange: Als Conan der Cimmerian eines Morgens als unrühige Träumen erwachte...
[23:41] [ profile] kafkonia: Sir Thomas More: A Conan for All Seasons.
[23:42] [ profile] cristalia: Crom and Punishment.
[23:43] [ profile] stillsostrange: Old Conan and the Sea
[23:43] [ profile] stillsostrange: King Conan and I
[23:43] [ profile] kafkonia: Love is the Plan, the Plan is Conan
[23:44] [ profile] matociquala: Conan-22
[23:44] [ profile] kafkonia: Conan of Green Gables
[23:45] [ profile] matociquala: Crom and Loathing in Las Vegas
[23:47] [ profile] matociquala: In Cimmerian Wine
[23:48] [ profile] kafkonia: Look of Homeward, Conan.
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[22:18] [ profile] kafkonia: Research for May Maisy?
[22:18] [ profile] matociquala: yes
[22:18] [ profile] matociquala: Mazer. *g*
[22:18] [ profile] kafkonia: I was about to call her Misty May.
[22:18] [ profile] kafkonia: But I think that's a softcore porn actress.
[22:19] [ profile] matociquala: Apparently she's a professional volleyball player
[22:19] [ profile] matociquala:
[22:19] [ profile] kafkonia: Oh, no, that's Misty Mundae I was thinking of.
[22:20] [ profile] kafkonia: Of Lord of the G-Strings, and Play-Mate of the Apes.
[22:20] [ profile] kafkonia: And two episodes of CSI.
[22:21] [ profile] kafkonia:
[22:21] [ profile] kafkonia: As well as the doubtlessly tasteful "Duck! The Carbine High Massacre".
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[22:24] [ profile] matociquala: I should probably give up on this idea of Steampunk Domed New York as needlessly baroque.
[22:24] [ profile] kafkonia: I like it.
[22:25] [ profile] matociquala: I do too.
[22:25] [ profile] matociquala: But it begs the question of why.
[22:25] [ profile] matociquala: Or am I thinking like a science fiction writer again?
[22:25] [ profile] kafkonia: Steampunk nuclear war?
[22:25] [ profile] matociquala: I was thinking environmental toxicity
[22:25] [ profile] kafkonia: Well, wait a second.
[22:25] [ profile] kafkonia: The steam is being powered by coal, no?
[22:25] [ profile] matociquala: Some of it. This is more jazz age
[22:26] [ profile] matociquala: A way to keep the smog down!
[22:26] [ profile] kafkonia: Oh. Because excessive coal burning could be cause for a dome.
[22:26] [ profile] matociquala: Sure
[22:26] [ profile] matociquala: And I just like typing "masonry sky."
[22:26] [ profile] katallen: jacking up the utilities bills
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[16:08] [ profile] matociquala: So what does a Djinn look like, except blue?
[16:08] [ profile] matociquala: I think he's incognito except for the part where he's standing in a brazier.
[16:09] [ profile] tanaise: So, like a Navi
[16:10] [ profile] stillsostrange: Does he look like a man?
[16:10] [ profile] matociquala: Djinn were blue first.
[16:10] [ profile] stillsostrange: Or something terrible and awful.
[16:10] [ profile] matociquala: I think he's the Oz of the Djinn world.
[16:10] [ profile] matociquala: except, you know, susceptible to flattery.
[16:11] [ profile] matociquala: Because he is a Djinn, after all.
[16:11] [ profile] matociquala: Maybe I should just make him look like a Middle Eastern Seth Green in lapis.
[16:11] [ profile] matociquala: That would amuse me.
[16:11] [ profile] stillsostrange: That would amuse about anyone, I think.
[16:11] [ profile] tanaise: Scott Evil!
[16:12] [ profile] matociquala: Pretty much yes.
[16:12] [ profile] matociquala: *in the Oz voice*
[16:24] [ profile] matociquala: There is no gravitas in this Djinn-summoning.
[16:26] [ profile] matociquala: The PersiUns are advanced. They have trouser pocket technology.
[16:27] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: sensible PersiUns.
[16:27] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Pockets might be in the top ten of most useful inventions of all time.
[16:27] [ profile] matociquala: they are up there.
[16:27] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Or at least the most convenient.
[16:27] [ profile] matociquala: Wheel, lever, aspirin, water screw, pockets.
[16:30] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: yep.
[16:31] [ profile] matociquala: condom, flush toilet, penicillin, coherent light, knife.
[16:31] [ profile] matociquala: that's pretty much it right there.
[16:31] [ profile] matociquala: food canning.
[16:31] [ profile] stillsostrange: I want a dog-destinker.
[16:34] [ profile] matociquala: Amanda, it will be your job to tell me if the flip, insolent Djinn thing works, or if I'm outsmarting myself.
[16:34] [ profile] stillsostrange: Okay
[16:54] [ profile] matociquala: Is the djinn a he or an it?
[16:54] [ profile] tanaise: I'm pretty sure Seth Green is a he.
[16:55] [ profile] matociquala: Yes, but he's only the actor playing the Djinn.
[16:55] [ profile] matociquala: It's a demigod, after all.
[16:55] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: my impression of djinni is that they are masculine.
[16:55] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: but, you know, I've never met one.
[16:56] [ profile] matociquala: It would simplify my pronoun issues if he were an it.
[16:56] [ profile] matociquala: but I can work around it.
[16:56] [ profile] tanaise: All the ones I know are male.
[16:56] [ profile] matociquala: er, him.
[16:56] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: they could be as sexless as angels, for all I know.
[16:56] [ profile] stillsostrange: Does he want to be a he?
[16:56] [ profile] matociquala: Well, I'm sure in this form he has boy parts.
[16:56] [ profile] matociquala: This is more of a metaphysical question
[16:57] [ profile] matociquala: It is a spirit of wind and fire, which are not, you know, necessarily gendered.
[16:57] [ profile] stillsostrange: I think if he puts on a boy's body, he might as well be called a boy.
[16:57] [ profile] stillsostrange: He could have dressed up as a frog, or smokeless flame, or whatever.
[16:57] [ profile] matociquala: And when he shows up later as a pillar of flame?
[16:57] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: but fire is - in the Islamic theory of the humours - a more masculine substance.
[16:57] [ profile] matociquala: This is a world without Islam.
[16:57] [ profile] stillsostrange: Then you're in for confusion. :P
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: Heh. I'm thinking proactively.
[16:58] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: (also in the Greek theory. Humoural theory in general)
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: It's also a world without Greeks. *g*
[16:58] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: fine, spoil my humours. :-P
[16:59] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: descriptively speaking, not prescriptively.
[16:59] [ profile] tanaise: Wait, but what if he has boyparts but feels like a girl?
[16:59] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: if he has boyparts he should be a he.
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: Except he doesn't always have boyparts.
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: And animals can be its no matter what parts they have.
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: So I think he's an it.

...maybe. Unless I change my mind again.
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[13:31] [ profile] matociquala: I need to name the !Sarmatian
[13:31] [ profile] matociquala: Since we only have greek words for them this is complicated.
[13:31] [ profile] matociquala: Maybe I'll just go latinate and fuck it.
[13:33] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: or you could go Turkish. :-)
[13:33] [ profile] matociquala: Or Slavic
[13:33] [ profile] matociquala: I alsready have Nottomans,
[13:34] [ profile] matociquala: so I'm avoiding the turkish
[13:34] [ profile] matociquala: The woman-king has a fairly Slavic name.
[13:35] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I'm a little prejudiced concerning latinate names, me.
[13:35] [ profile] matociquala: heh
[13:36] [ profile] matociquala: I think I will call him Saura.
[13:36] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I do not like to see them outside Rome. :-)
[13:36] [ profile] matociquala: Which is officially an obscure joke only you will get.
[13:36] [ profile] matociquala: (You know the etymology behind Sarmatian, right?)
[13:36] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Herodotos!
[13:37] [ profile] matociquala: Yes *g*
[13:37] [ profile] matociquala: This is why I pay Liz.
[13:38] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Herodotos is full of crazy and wonderful stuff.
[13:39] [ profile] matociquala: He keeps turning up in my research
[13:40] [ profile] matociquala: Of course, I'm mashing up 2000 years of history, but don't tell.
[13:40] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Wouldn't dream of it.


[13:44] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I'm quite fond of Herodotos. He has interesting ideas about what people who are not Greek do.
[13:44] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Mostly wrong ideas, but, still. Interesting. :-)
[13:45] [ profile] matociquala: Hey, this is fantasy. It doesn't have to be right, it just has to be interesting.
[13:45] [ profile] matociquala: Okay, nearly to the conan homage here.
[13:45] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: I('m thinking about his much debated account of Babylonian temple prostitution)
[13:46] [ profile] hawkwing_lb: Conan homage!
[13:46] [ profile] matociquala: Hmm, think I can use depictions in kurgan stelae as evidence that women routinely went bare-chested?

...that's why they call it fantasy.
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REMINDER: The Metatropolis contests are still open!!

Deathmosey proceeding. ~2000 words so far today on three different projects, and I mosey on.

[14:32] [ profile] matociquala: This story still needs a title that does not suck.
[14:33] [ profile] stillsostrange: Yeah, so do many of mine.
[14:34] [ profile] matociquala: Right now it's either Little Furry Animals or Indigenous Fauna Of The Pacific Northwest.
[14:34] [ profile] matociquala: Neither of which really floats my goat.
[14:34] [ profile] tanaise: Fur Loving Criminals
[14:34] [ profile] tanaise: Do goats float?
[14:35] [ profile] tanaise: What am I saying.  Clearly they don't float if they're unimpressed.
[14:35] [ profile] stillsostrange: With floaties they do
[14:35] [ profile] tanaise: Fine Young Animals
[14:35] [ profile] matociquala: You need an accessory to float your goat
[14:36] [ profile] tanaise: *tries to think of other bands to canibalize*
[14:37] [ profile] matociquala: It's more challenging than floating a boat, which requires only water.

Things I googled today: Does Coors have a twist cap? Actual wording of a MacBeth quote. Just how big IS a cave bear, anyway?

We're getting a lot of use out of that Danny Brady's Kitchen set, I tell you what.

Soon I will go climb. Afterwards I will come home and eat. Then there will be still more deathmosey.
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[16:57] [ profile] matociquala: The book I am currently reading for review doesn't suck.
[16:57] [ profile] cristalia: ooh.
[16:57] [ profile] cristalia: which?
[16:57] [ profile] matociquala: Mind Games, Crane. It's mind candy, but it's honest mind candy.
[16:58] [ profile] cristalia: I started Gemma's book last night.
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: And the protag is not brittle and mouthy
[16:58] [ profile] cristalia: She can fucking write.
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: Who?
[16:58] [ profile] cristalia: Gemma Files.
[16:58] *** [ profile] kafkonia has joined the conversation.
[16:58] [ profile] cristalia: It's A Book of Tongues.
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: Don't know her
[16:58] [ profile] stillnotbored: hey Jamie
[16:58] [ profile] kafkonia: *falls over*
[16:58] [ profile] cristalia: Hey, Jamie
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: Hey jamie
[16:58] [ profile] cristalia: She is local-to-me-persons.
[16:58] [ profile] stillnotbored: I only know her as a poet
[16:58] [ profile] matociquala: I am glad her book is aawesome.
[16:59] [ profile] cristalia: And meeting her in person when I was 19 or 20 was really weird because she wrote the movie review column in one of our alt-weeklies when I was in high school.
[16:59] [ profile] cristalia: I had this OMG FAMOUS PEOPLE thing.
[16:59] [ profile] matociquala: This book is not awesome, but it is perfectly fun urban fantasy
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: with telepaths and stuff.
[17:00] [ profile] cristalia: Like you do. *g*
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: And it owns its moral mabiguity
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: yeah
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: hee moral mabiguity
[17:00] [ profile] cristalia: hee
[17:00] [ profile] matociquala: It is also refreshingly faerie and werewolf free.
[17:00] [ profile] cristalia: I want to parse that as MAN-biguity.
[17:01] [ profile] kafkonia: Gemma Files?
[17:01] [ profile] cristalia: Yup.
[17:01] [ profile] cristalia: I am four chapters in and so far I am a happy me.
[17:01] [ profile] matociquala: I went to a shakespeare place, of course
[17:01] [ profile] kafkonia: Odd fact: her name weirds me out because she came to my attention shortly after the death of Jenna Felice (sp?)
[17:01] [ profile] cristalia: Mabiguity = you don't actually know what Queen Mab is going to do next.
[17:02] [ profile] matociquala: Status Normal
[17:02] [ profile] cristalia: MANbiguity = is that a dude?
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1403 words and breaking for lunch and laundry and dog outs.

..and chatroom entertainments....

[14:51] [ profile] matociquala: Today I find myself wondering when we will realize that treating international terrorism as a "war" legitimizes it, and that we should treat it as what it really is.
[14:52] [ profile] matociquala: A crime, and thus a matter for international law enforcement.
[14:52] [ profile] cristalia: Mm, yes.
[14:52] [ profile] katallen: :: nods ::
[14:52] [ profile] cristalia: Thing is, that requires empowering the international courts.
[14:52] [ profile] cristalia: And the US at this point will never do that.
[14:52] [ profile] matociquala: and police forces.
[14:52] [ profile] cristalia: Because they won't like what the international courts have to say to them.
[14:53] [ profile] matociquala: alas.
[14:53] [ profile] cristalia: So as usual, this could really all be solved by people being grownups.
[14:53] [ profile] matociquala: Rule of law is HARD.
[14:53] [ profile] matociquala: And you don't always get what you want.
[14:54] [ profile] cristalia: (Umf. Out of cheddar. :-( )
[14:54] [ profile] cristalia: (OTOH, out of cheddar because I ated it. :-) )
[14:54] [ profile] matociquala: *blames the rule of law*
[14:54] [ profile] cristalia: Yeah, well. Fairness sometimes sucks.
[14:54] [ profile] matociquala: if it weren't for that, you could go out and take the cheddar of anybody you wanted
[14:54] [ profile] cristalia: That's part of the point.
[14:54] [ profile] cristalia: heeee
[14:54] [ profile] cristalia: I can! For six dollars!
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: But you could spend that six dollars on an ARMY.
[14:55] [ profile] cristalia: And shall on my way home from errands!
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: and then get free cheddar forever.
[14:55] [ profile] cristalia: Eh, you'd just have to feed them.
[14:55] [ profile] cristalia: And they'd eat all your cheddar.
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: ...don't you bring logic into it
[14:55] [ profile] cristalia: *g*
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: I WANT AN ARMY
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: *Army costs $6 billion*
[14:55] [ profile] cristalia: Lotta cheddar, that.
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: *uses it to get $6 in cheddar*
[14:55] [ profile] matociquala: *calls it a win*
matociquala: (criminal minds reid purple shirt)
[ profile] matociquala: okay, I just have to find an in to this scene.
[ profile] matociquala: It does not appear to be in KMFDM.
[ profile] matociquala: Who wants to break it to Sascha that "relax" and "complex" don't rhyme?
[ profile] stillsostrange: I think that's Pig
[ profile] matociquala: You're probably right.
[ profile] matociquala: Who writes the lyrics? *g*
[ profile] stillsostrange: Check the liner notes. :P
[ profile] matociquala: Alas. Virtual music.
[ profile] matociquala: I will ask the internets!

...I have 353 words on Grail and given my Cabdriver Protocol*, I think I may have to just give this up as a bad job today and go play Bejweled or something.

*Cabdriver Protocol: a work ethic that suggests that, rather than knocking off early when you've made good progress and toiling harder when you haven't, it is more productive to work hard when things are happening (ie, you are getting fares) and give yourself a break when they are not (nobody is riding). So named because the original research was done on cabdrivers.

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What my online writer's group talks about when we're gathered together and deathmarching.

[ profile] hawkwing_lb: *shares melted chocolate over vanilla icecream*
[ profile] beatriceeagle: Mmmmmm.
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: (yes, I do plan to die of heart failure before the age of forty, why do you ask?)
[ profile] matociquala: ooo
[ profile] matociquala: Well, it beats cancer.
[ profile] matociquala: Cancer: evolution's last-ditch "You, get the FUCK out of the gene pool!" clause.
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: :-)
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: not fun, that.
[ profile] beatriceeagle: *twitch*
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: (although did you see the article about the research drug from Tel Aviv university?)
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: (one day, they might be able to cure even cancer.)
[ profile] matociquala: So we'll just get older and older and older and never die.
[ profile] matociquala: Wasn't there a cautionary tale about that? *g*
[ profile] beatriceeagle: Tithonus!
[ profile] matociquala: eventually we shall all become cicadas
[ profile] beatriceeagle: And live in baskets in the corner of heaven.
[ profile] matociquala: You know, I don't really have a lot of places I can come for conversation like this.
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: assuming heaven has corners!
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: it might be a sphere. :P
[ profile] matociquala: It might be a hypercube and have LOTS of corners
[ profile] hawkwing_lb: (the one shape heaven shouldn't be is a pyramid)
matociquala: (rengeek fucking silence)

[ profile] matociquala (3:26:22 PM): One of the challenges of writing Sebastien is the fact that the impact the death of a human companion has on him is rather like losing a beloved pet, not a lover. And yet he must remain sympathetic.
[ profile] stillnotbored (3:26:48 PM): yeah
[ profile] stillnotbored (3:27:12 PM): he wouldn't survive if he loved them like a lover
[ profile] matociquala (3:27:19 PM): He just can't.
[ profile] matociquala (3:27:23 PM): They're gone too fast.
[ profile] stillnotbored (3:27:26 PM): yeah
[ profile] matociquala (3:27:35 PM): Evie and David, he loved like lovers.
[ profile] matociquala (3:27:42 PM): Even when they made him crazy.
[ profile] matociquala (3:29:13 PM): This is Yet Another Problem With Vampire Romance
[ profile] stillnotbored (3:29:36 PM): humans break and have a sell-by date

matociquala: (loose tea for loose women)

So I just opened the dishwasher to find a house centipede as long as my pinky on the inside of the door.

The centipede stared at me. I stared at the centipede.

I shouted YIKES! and  jumped back three feet, just as if I were in a cartoon. I'm not usually much troubled by bugs, but this was one epic centipede, and he caught me by surprise.

Well, he was safely transferred to a drinking glass and tossed outside, despite the dog's assistance. This is our second plumbing centipede so far. I say again, eek!

[09:55] [ profile] stillsostrange: The secret of dishwashers revealed!
[09:55] [ profile] stillsostrange: It's not jets of water and detergent
[09:56] [ profile] stillsostrange: it's giant centipedes with spongues.
[09:56] [ profile] stillsostrange: sponges
[09:56] [ profile] stillsostrange: spounges?
[10:04] [ profile] matociquala: spongues are like tongues.
[10:05] [ profile] stillsostrange: yes
[10:05] [ profile] matociquala: Only sponguier.

...and now I have to go do my pushups.

matociquala: (can't sleep books will eat me)
More writers at work:

[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: Can I get a suck check on the flap copy?
[14:06] [ profile] stillsostrange: sure
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: +++
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: Dark magic is afoot in the City of Jackals.
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: Eighty years Bijou the Artificer has been a Wizard of Messaline, building her servants from bone and metal and jewels, living with the memory of a great love that betrayed her. She is ready to rest.
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: But now her former apprentice, Brazen the Enchanter, has brought her a speechless feral child poisoned by a sorcerous infection. Now, Messaline is swept by a mysterious plague. Now the seeping corpses of the dead stalk the City of Jackals.
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: Now, finally, Bijou's old nemesis--Bijou's old love--Kaulas, the Necromancer, is unveiling his plans.
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: --30--
[14:06] [ profile] matociquala: I think it needs a kicker line.
[14:07] [ profile] matociquala: but I got nothing.
[14:09] [ profile] stillnotbored: my mind jumps to something about her rest having to wait
[14:09] [ profile] matociquala: I thought so maybe too, but everything I came up with sounded dumb.
[14:10] [ profile] katallen: maybe something with the title involved in it?
[14:11] [ profile] matociquala: If I take out the bit about her servants above, maybe.
[14:11] [ profile] cristalia: I'd go with something agentive.
[14:11] [ profile] cristalia: The necromancer is unveiling his plans, so what're they going to do?
[14:11] [ profile] matociquala: Yeah, Leah, I think--
[14:11] [ profile] cristalia: End on action.
[14:11] [ profile] matociquala: That's a good angle.
[14:11] [ profile] matociquala: Hurmity
[14:12] [ profile] matociquala: Bijou and her creatures must/are something something
[14:12] [ profile] cristalia: (Now, faced with the truth of her unappetizing smell, Leah must shower -- or perish.)
[14:13] [ profile] katallen: Only Bijou and her bone and jewel creatures can keep Leah smelly
[14:15] [ profile] matociquala: And only Bijou and her creatures wrought of bone and stone and metal can save the City of Jackals from a terrible half-death.
[14:15] [ profile] matociquala: You know, this makes me want to write a zombie utopia.
[14:15] [ profile] matociquala: where the zombie apocalypse happened and now everybody is happy.
[14:15] [ profile] stillnotbored: that line works, Bear
[14:15] [ profile] matociquala: Nobody worries about their looks.
[14:16] [ profile] matociquala: Nobody has to go to a job they hate.
[14:16] [ profile] matociquala: Nobody has to eat brussels sprouts.
[14:16] [ profile] matociquala: Or pay taxes.
[14:16] [ profile] stillnotbored: or rent
[14:16] [ profile] matociquala: Nobody's feet are ever cold (because they have fallen off).

...and they ask where we get our ideas....
matociquala: (leighton pavonia)
[13:37] [ profile] matociquala: Okay, writing flap copy.
[13:38] [ profile] matociquala: "In the City of Jackals, blah de blah blah blah blah.
[13:38] [ profile] stillsostrange: heee
[13:38] [ profile] stillsostrange: You should totally write that.
[13:38] [ profile] katallen: really you just need the keywords
[13:38] [ profile] matociquala: I've got a 90-year-old wizard, a feral child, and [ profile] jaylake with a giant clockwork spider.
[13:38] [ profile] matociquala: How hard can this be?
[13:39] [ profile] stillnotbored: *g*
[13:39] [ profile] stillsostrange: "City of Jackals blah blah blah necromancer blah blah blah maggots blah blah blah sloth
[13:39] [ profile] katallen: In the City of Jackals blah de blah de wizard blah de blah GIANT CLOCKWORK SPIDER
[13:39] [ profile] matociquala: Blah blah bey is no use blah zombies blah.
[13:39] [ profile] matociquala: Also zombie raven.
[13:39] [ profile] matociquala: win!
[13:39] [ profile] matociquala: (did we mention the sloth?)

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